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Irish Mytholgy, Celtic Mythology, Online Course
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Only just beginning but already have an answer to a question I've had for a while so I'm excited to hear more.

Caroline MacCarthy

Clear information given in an ordered fashion, with good re-capping of important points.

Simon Cowan

Have just completed online course: Ancient Ireland - Culture and Society by the Brehon Law Academy it was very insightful. The course is extremely well delivered in concise sections, on a journey through ancient Ireland and its society. Looking forward to the future courses.

Tim Coomber

The delivery is such that it lends to almost storytelling which helps not just to hold my attention but also to remember it better, along with some beautiful visuals. It is a fascinating subject, great to have an insight into how my ancestors lived , i am creating my family tree and this course is helping me understand and feel a closer connection to them.

Angela Mernagh

Great information Kevin, even for myself a fellow Irishman. Learned so much. Thanks.

David Maddy

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Ancient Ireland: Culture and Society

Embark on a journey into Ireland's ancient past as we explore the culture and society of this early civilization. For lovers of Irish history and those wishing to learn about a new fascinating topic.

It lays a broad yet detailed foundation, ranging from the tribe and family to the intricate social order. The royal rituals of kingship and the people of skill and art. Education, Festivals, Burial Rites and Spirituality; to name just a few!

Irish Mytholgy, Celtic Mythology, Online Course

Irish Mythology

These tales have been told around fires and at bedsides for millennia. 


We'll take a journey through the mist and discover the mysterious Túatha Dé Danann, hear the legendary deeds of the boy warrior Cúchullain, taste the Salmon of Knowledge and meet the mighty Fianna Warriors, before visiting the courts of famous Irish kings.   

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The Brehon Laws

For thousands of years the people of Ireland lived by a native set of laws known today as ‘Brehon Law’. This ancient and just system held the fabric of Irish society together.

This course is the third in a trilogy of courses designed to give participants a deep and vivid understanding of early Irish society, mythology, and law.

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Irish Mythology

Ancient Irish Society

Brehon Law

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Rekindling an awareness of the Laws, Culture, Mythology,

and Heritage of Ancient Ireland.

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