Introducing the Brehon Law Academy!

The laws of early Ireland have been described as "lost" and "forgotten" but also as "hidden treasures". Today, modern awareness of Ireland's ancient customs and system of justice, a hugely significant part of our native culture, is noticeably low. The Brehon Law Academy aims to inspire a renewed awareness, appreciation, and enjoyment of this culture as a digital hedge-school producing educational resources, facilitating discussion and hosting presentations with a particular focus on early Irish law. In a wider sense the Brehon Law Academy will foster and encourage the education of all aspects of early Irish culture from language and poetry to religion and mythology, from customs to clashes and conquests.

Based on principles of natural justice we find that the brehon laws still bear relevance today and can be used to reflect on modern social issues or attitudes about social justice. This sort of reflection brings the image of our present condition into greater focus and in this clarity helps us to develop our future self-identity. In this fast-changing age it is crucial that these aspects of our heritage be preserved to ensure they exist for the enjoyment of future generations.

The Brehon Law Academy aims to develop a series of educational courses, presentations and materials including a website, audio and visual uploads, as well as written articles and commentary about early Irish culture.

Visit the Brehon Law Academy at and reconnect with an ancient system of justice.




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Rekindling an awareness of the Laws, Culture, Mythology,

and Heritage of Ancient Ireland.

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